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Reviewsy poos...

Dec. 21st, 2005 | 10:51 pm
posted by: guidopaparazzi in bite_the_music

All right Biters, it has been a long time coming…a very, very long time…a three month long time but they have arrived: Gia and Josh’s respective submissions. Here are my overanalytical and scathing reviews:

(Exit Music) from a Motion Picture
I’ll start with some bullets…

Inclusion of ass-shakin’ hit “Love Rollercoaster” was nice although I appreciate the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ cover more and that was the version used in the film as well.

Bricktop into “Men In Tights” = points.

Air (the band and the hydrogen/oxygen composite) is always excellent.

Inclusion of “Take On Me” in any context is always a good thing.

Impressive use of “Ghost Town” from both “Snatch” and “Shaun of the Dead”, two of the best things to come from the U.K. since bad teeth. Gaaaay…

“Lonely Christmas Eve” was well chosen since people will be getting this around Christmas. Good totally intentional planning.

“Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah” (or however the fuck Cousin Amos or Uncle Rufus or whatever that poor, exploited Black man’s name is spelled it) serves as not only the perfect reminder of slavery but also a perfect album finisher …way to bum us out or make us laugh depending.

Okay, here’s the bottom line: I liked many of the songs. The placement of the songs was fitting (as in they had a good sense of beginning, middle and end), but the theme? Songs from movies? Eh. Not impressed. Gia, with your film snobbish nature, I imagined something obscure, esoteric and profound. And source material with a larger scope. Three tracks from “Snatch”, three tracks from “Virgin Suicides” and two tracks from “Head”? In the case of using the same artist more than once, I support that. I think if you need to have the same artist again and again to help carry out your theme, do it; and I have no problem with the abundance of Ben Folds (be he one or five) since he adds an indescribable warmth with his piano and chord progressions, but the use of the same movie more than twice? A bit much.
Overall, a good collection of songs with a slipshod theme. The Music has teeth marks on it…but I would not say it was good and thoroughly Bitten; not after a three month wait.

Todd Rungrin – Hello It’s Me from The Virgin Suicides
Goblin – School at Night from Profondo Rosso
I Want To Marry A Lighthouse Keeper A Clockwork Orange
Ben Folds – Bad Idea from The Truth About Cats & Dogs
Ohio Players - Love Rollercoaster (not) from Beavis & Butthead Do America
The Monkees – Circle Sky from Head
Rufus Wainwright - Complaint de le Butte from Moulin Rouge
Heart - Magic Man from The Virgin Suicides
Peggy Lee - He’s A Tramp from Lady and The Tramp
Nilsson - Everybody’s Talking At Me from Midnight Cowboy
Clip from Snatch
Mel Brooks – Men In Tights from Robin Hood: Men in Tights
Ben Folds Five – Air from Godzilla 2000
The Stranglers - Golden Brown from Snatch
Air – Playground Love from The Virgin Suicides
Ah-Ha - Take On Me from Free Radicals
Louie Armstrong & the Hot Five - Potato Head Blues from Manhattan
Clip from Blazing Saddles
The Specials – Ghost Town from Snatch and Shaun of the Dead
The Monkees - As We Go Along from Head
Ben Folds - Lonely Christmas Eve from How The Grinch Stole Christmas
Gilbert O’Sullivan - Alone Again (Naturally) from The Virgin Suicides
Uncle Rufus/Cousin Amos? - Zip A Dee Doo Da from Song of the South

Those Romantic German Jews
K bullets XMAX!!!
Nirvana sets an excellent tone that’s carried out pretty much through the whole album. Dark, throbbing and angry…like my bone.

Lou Reed and his Drug Bunch discuss weird shit in “Venus”. The only thing that is totally clear about that song is that it fits very well.

And sandwiching Shostakovich between the VU and “Gay Bar”? Mmmm…I’d buy that sandwich any day…

“Something Beautiful” has a nice greasy feel to it…like lube…for my pussy

Portishead always adds a nice hip thrusting motion to a compilation. Specifically, “Strangers” is like having sex in the future with a spaceman.

In “Exorcizing Demons” I can practically see the lead singer with his mic in one hand and his wang in the other. Exorcizing demons indeed…sinner.

The use of that particular Nine Inch Nails’ song out of the context of the album it’s from is perfect for your submission, good stuff.

And Josh…are those the boxers that we bought together? The day we saw the huge, skinless woman? Sexxy.

First thing I noticed: the tits. Points awarded.
This album is sweaty with dark, misplaced sexual energy…nice. Sadomasochism, domination, pedophilia, submission and classical music; like an erection and a viola in a blender.
Venus in Furs = Sex with heroin
Gay Bar = Sex with Abraham Lincoln
Heart Shaped Box = Sex with Courtney Love (shudder)
Good collection of songs, but more importantly, they served your theme to a t or is it tee? Whatever. I enjoyed you switching your plates with the classical music, good twist. I dig instrumentals. I think that “Wild Side” would have been a better closer than “Hand That Feeds” but, your CD, your theme, your rules. I was pleasantly surprised by music I had never heard before. While the theme wasn’t super duper original, I still dug it and it allowed for a lot of fun/sexy music. I promise to play this CD the next time I sodomize a little girl with cancer. You have managed to Bite the Music despite the ball gag in your mouth turning your words into wet, sloppy, cum-stained syllables. Riiight on.


(no subject)

Nov. 2nd, 2005 | 03:51 pm
mood: curious curious
music: Previous Bite the Music CDs
posted by: tallpaulfan in bite_the_music

I'm Hungry. I want to Bite something. No, I'll be specific: I want to Bite some Music.

I hear rumours that several of our CDs are finished (Jade, Josh, Gia)... I hear rumours that they are almost in the mail. I'm not going to overly berate people on the promptness of the submissions--since Lord knows I was late and relied on Paul to boot--but I would like to hear some status. So, I'll ask you people:

What's the status with the baddest?


(no subject)

Sep. 27th, 2005 | 01:03 pm
posted by: jadey_mcshadey in bite_the_music

I'm sending out my cds today and I was just wondering whether it was necessary for me to send to the people who flaked on me. For the record, my computer shuddered and died in the midst of making my cds (actually, it died right after I dled Will's contribution... huh?) but I ponied up and used someone else's computer and I'm only a couple of days late. Actually, I thought I was due the week of the 30th, but whatever.

So, do I send to Kaitlyn, Christina A, Josh and Dorothy?

Kaitlyn, you can come over and grab one, if you like, or I can post one to Coogee for an 8th of the cost of sending one to the US.


My Reviews - Weeks One through Three

Sep. 7th, 2005 | 07:04 pm
mood: Critical
music: All the French are Dead
posted by: tallpaulfan in bite_the_music

Now that my travel schedule has settled down a bit, and I've been back in my own apartment and near my own CD player for a few days in a row, I've finally had the chance to devote the proper time and attention to the Bite the Music CD club. Part of that involved writing up the commentary and posting the track listing for my own CD, TAKEN TOO SOON, which you hopefully have all seen and heard. The next critical step is my reviews of the albums I have heard thus far, and it is that step that I will attempt to complete in this posting.

As a general rule, I like to listen to an album at least 5 times before forming a firm judgment on it. This is a good method that very quickly differentiates good albums from great albums; it also helps you find those difficult albums that might be off-putting or simply bland upon first listen. Many of my favorite albums didn't do much for me upon first listen; but, after repeating them through a few times, I found the context of the album, and my ear picked up subtleties I had missed the first time around. So, with that in mind, I must off the disclaimer: I have listed to All the French are Dead all the way through only 3 times, and Midnight Carnival only twice. I am sure that my appreciation for both will grow with familiarity. However, in the interest of time--and recognizing that there is indubitably some value in recording my initial impressions--I give you my thoughts about these two lovely submissions.

All the French Are DeadCollapse )

Midnight CarnivalCollapse )

Finally, I will note that I am looking forward to the following albums:

Week 5 (to be delivered by Sept 2nd) CHRISTINA A
Week 6 (to be delivered by Sept 9th) JOSH
Week 7 (to be delivered by Sept 16th) DOROTHY
Week 8 (to be delivered by Sept 23rd) JADE
Week 9 (to be delivered by Sept 30th) GIA


Taken Too Soon

Sep. 7th, 2005 | 12:20 am
music: Taken Too Soon
posted by: tallpaulfan in bite_the_music

Hot on the heels of some hot albums, I hereby humbly submit to my hundreds of devout, robe-wearing brethren: TAKEN TOO SOON! All of you (sans perhaps Jade) should have received this by now. Please find track information and comments below.

Track Listing!Collapse )

Author's Commentary!Collapse )


All I got on my mind is thinking of brand new chords.

Sep. 6th, 2005 | 02:33 pm
posted by: shmaitlyn in bite_the_music

I do everything Paul tells me to do.

Chomp.Collapse )


Will? Kaitlyn? Ahoy hoy?

Sep. 6th, 2005 | 02:25 pm
posted by: guidopaparazzi in bite_the_music

Kaitlyn never comes here so fuck her going-to-be-eaten-by-a-Goliath-Bird-Spider ass but Will, when you get a chance, put your tracklisting up and a few words about your addition to the Bite the Music pantheon. I cannot WAIT to comment and hear the others reactions...


Mwah ha ha

Aug. 29th, 2005 | 05:16 pm
mood: mischievous mischievous
posted by: filmnikita in bite_the_music

My CD has started to travel from the nest and will be in all of your hands shortly as long as you are not anti-social.

I welcome comments of praise and criticism.

And so your adventure begins...Collapse )


Well almost...

Aug. 25th, 2005 | 09:29 am
mood: argh argh
posted by: filmnikita in bite_the_music

So my CD is burned and the cover art is drawn and painted...

BUT I've run out of time this week and can't get to Kinko's to copy it and mail/hand it out. When I get back from moving my Mom on Saturday or Sunday I'll start the distribution.


"Another one Bites the Music"

Aug. 18th, 2005 | 09:15 am
mood: hopeful hopeful
posted by: filmnikita in bite_the_music

We now enter into our ranks, Gia.

Week 1 (to be delivered by Aug 5th) PHIL and PAUL
Week 2 (to be delivered by Aug 12th) WILL
Week 3 (to be delivered by Aug 19th) KAITLYN
Week 4 (to be delivered by Aug 26th) CHRIS B
Week 5 (to be delivered by Sept 2nd) CHRISTINA A
Week 6 (to be delivered by Sept 9th) JOSH
Week 7 (to be delivered by Sept 16th) DOROTHY
Week 8 (to be delivered by Sept 23rd) JADE
Week 9 (to be delivered by Sept 30th) GIA

We've been having some issues with everyone getting their CD's out on time (Kaitlyn, did you ever get your computer this week?) so we might need to toss a week in here just for everyone to play catch up.